About Me

So I am Salsa Havok.

This is obviously an alias.

The purpose of this, is to look at the topic and for me to come to a conclusion about the topic to help me as a reference for future activities.

I have changed the home page because it would be too big and you would have to keep scrolling down

All the entries are at the sidebar there >>>

The latest one would be the one at the top.

If you are a new reader and you don’t know who I am then my twitter ID is @salsahavok

Have a good day.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Connor Mckeon January 8, 2018 at 6:31 pm Reply

    Hi. Great stuff although I find thenclosed articles to be rather convoluted and seem to dodge the point especially the “My Opinion” Subsections, you seem to sway from one side of the argument to another and therfore draws the true intent of what “My Opinion” should be. On the other hand I respect how you look at the subjects from both sides giving your for and against arguments. One of my biggest gripes with this entire website is that it is all theories in my opinion, I find that while you have done a lot of research, I tip my fedora to you for how much effort you put into that, but these theories rarely translate into something that can beasily useful in the real world and in modern society. For instance when a man has raped a women they get a harsh sentence with lasting repercussions on both their work life and home life as finding a job and home becomes basically impossible, but if a woman rapes a man it will likely be overlooked and taken alot less seriously than the opposite situation. Along these lines are suicide rates. In the vast majority of countries men are on the lower end double the amount of female suicide victims and on the larger end close to a staggering 5 times more suicide victims than women and yet their is very little acknowledgment of these statistics or support for the victims and people who may be thinking suicidal thoughts, in recent times feminists have protested mens mental health counciling, these points and statistics I did not see throughout your secton on feminism. To summarise I am not against your blog and by far I think the opposite, but I think you need to not approach these topics with what I can call 95% secondary data, these subjects require alot of primary data from both hands of the argument to support and oppose the topics. Yours sincerely Cm


  2. Simck1971 January 15, 2018 at 11:37 pm Reply

    Hi daddy. You are the bestest tank Eva.
    Lots of love Ytk_


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